Thursday, 13 October 2016

Church Directory in New York

                             A church directory is a treasured remembrance, a useful resource, and a very powerful tool for attracting new families. Most churches know they need a membership directory to help everyone in the gathering to put names and faces together. It also helps in documenting a church’s history and record the activities taking place within its walls. Churches are using pictorial directory as a tool for communications and outreach. Through the pages of the directory, the visitor can see themselves as a member of the church.

                  The goal of church directory is to uncover the reason why a member fell away from the church and help the pastoral staff bring the member back into the family of faith. Directories help church members connected to each other.

                  A photo directory is one of the best directory to connect members, especially in larger churches where it’s impossible to know everyone. To new as well as current members, directories offer a way to associate faces with names and to act as a source for contact information.

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