Thursday, 3 November 2016

Portrait Church Directory in New York

Pure Pixel Portrait Studio has been a trusted source of portrait church photography for more than 10 years. Our church photography events create treasured memories for your families, and are used to create tools that help you and your families connect with each other and your congregation.
Staying connected with your church families is more important than ever and is essential to the growth of your church. They are also a fantastic way for new and old church members alike to be able to connect with a growing church family. Like you, Pure Pixel Portrait Studio believes in giving back. We offer several giveback programs that work in conjunction with your photography program.

Church Pictorial Directories - Family Portrait Programs - Church Fundraisers

1. A unique church directory program with NO RISK and NO INVESTMENT required from your church!
2. Qualify for cash bonuses and earn up to $11,960.00!
3. A Priceless ministry tool for church staff and church members alike!
4. Participants receive a beautiful, complimentary 11x14, full color, studio quality family portrait just for participating in your church directory!
5. Each directory includes a custom cover, pastor's page, family pages, & member list!

Trust Pure Pixel Portrait Studio with your next church photography event. We look forward to serving you and your families.

Get started on your Church Directory today!  Please call us @ 718-528-5100 or email us at

You must have an appointment to be photographed. Appointments are closely scheduled to expedite service.

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