Thursday, 13 October 2016

Church Directory in New York

                             A church directory is a treasured remembrance, a useful resource, and a very powerful tool for attracting new families. Most churches know they need a membership directory to help everyone in the gathering to put names and faces together. It also helps in documenting a church’s history and record the activities taking place within its walls. Churches are using pictorial directory as a tool for communications and outreach. Through the pages of the directory, the visitor can see themselves as a member of the church.

                  The goal of church directory is to uncover the reason why a member fell away from the church and help the pastoral staff bring the member back into the family of faith. Directories help church members connected to each other.

                  A photo directory is one of the best directory to connect members, especially in larger churches where it’s impossible to know everyone. To new as well as current members, directories offer a way to associate faces with names and to act as a source for contact information.

                 Create your church directory cover and activity pages through Pure Pixel Portrait Studios. You can contact us at 718-528-5100 or visit our website at and mail us at .

Custom Pictorial Church Directory in New York


Pure Pixel Portrait Studio, a division of  St. Albans DigitalPrinting Inc. We capture the smiling faces of all ages. We produce directories of church members and families. This is a treasured keepsake, a useful resource, and a powerful tool for attracting new members.

How it Works:
1. Contact a Consultant (Meet with a Consultant to customize your program needs)
2. Plan and Schedule your Portrait Event (Pure Pixel Photography photographs your Families)
3. Celebrate your Victory (You’re ready to complete your Church Photo Directory)

  • ·         On-Site Photography: Professional portrait sessions for your members.
  • ·         Help with organizing-promoting and scheduling the event.
  • ·         Help with processing your completed directory
  • ·         You receive directory photo copies for growth and outreach at no charge plus CD of Digital Images.
  • ·         Update Photography: Include new members in your directory.
  • ·         Printed marketing materials

  • ·         Portrait Session: Every family will appreciate an updated family portrait sitting at no charge.
  • ·         8x10 Family Portrait image of their choice. 
  •       Opportunity to purchase additional family photos for gifts and love ones.

To know more about Pure Pixel Portrait Studio, contact us at 718-528-5100 or visit our website @ and mail us @

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Church Pictorial Directory Queens, NY

Pure Pixel Portrait Studio, it’s time for a different pictorial church directory! A pictorial directory helps us preserve our history, highlight congregation and activities, helps us connect by putting faces with names, helps us reach out to new and inactive members, and updates our church database. For decades, growing churches have provided their members with a church pictorial directory, which helped them stay relationally connected.

Just for participating each photographed family will receive a directory and an 8×10 portrait free of charge.  This is also a great opportunity for you to have other portraits made of your family, as you can purchase the prints directly from our studio, the day of your photo shoot. A church pictorial directory can express the uniqueness of your church and share it with the future generations. Like a family album, as time goes by, it becomes a collection of loving emotional memories.

Ongoing Update Photography Welcome your new members by offering them a complimentary professional family portrait! We will put our 10 plus years’ experience in professional portrait photography and graphic design to work for you to create a stunningly created and up to date church directory. We combine photography at your location and convenient individual appointments at our portrait studio.

To learn how Pure Pixel Portrait Studio helps connect your families, contact us at 718-528-5100 or visit our website @ and mail us @