Thursday, 4 May 2017

Church Pictorial Directory 2017

Pure Pixel Portrait Studio- Connecting Families Through Portrait Photography

Dear Pastor our goal at Pure Pixel Portrait Studio is to help your church with membership outreach and church growth through our unique "Pictorial Directory Program". Pure Pixel Portrait Studio does professional photos of your congregational members FREE of charge. What they get in return is an opportunity to sell the photos they take. Even if members do not buy photos taken they still get the chance to keep a digital 8*10 or 5*7 photo.

The church in return gets a FREE Photo Directory and a copy of the digital images on CD.

Our Church Pictorial Directory program is the most effective way of bringing families and community together. That is why we want to make your portrait experience with a us a WOW experience.

Portraits make great gifts- Pure Pixel Portrait Studio offers a variety of products. Call us for more details at 718-528-5100 to schedule a date. Email us @