Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Pictorial church directory to showcase special memories on events

Pure pixel portrait studio provide high quality and professional pictorial directory services. It is a division of St. Albans Digital Printing Inc. We produce directories of church members and families.

Ø church directory helps inspire your church members

If you should know a person name and communicate with last month in the church, but can’t remember? yeah, we have and are grateful to have a pictorial directory for a quick reminder. Because, your church directory include photos and contact information for each member family and pastors.

Ø  Church directory capture the smiling faces of all ages
Our family display some of the most brilliant expressions found  their face on events. Have you ever come home with a full memory card only to find out that all those beautiful moments? That is impossible to memories that beautiful moments. The photographs helps to capture the expressions and smiling faces.

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